BMW 5 Series | G30 | M Sport

Limousine | M Sport | xDrive | Diesel

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BMW 5 Series G30 defines its brand in a new way. It is filled with newest electronic devices and its agility is unbeaten in segment. The engineers tried to do most BMW-ish car in the series, and then add as much comfort as possible. The result is superb. The 5′ drives precisely, muscular, yet delicate and comfy on high ground. This mixture of performance and comfort is remarkable. It can be yours! Come to our airport rental service in Gdansk and enjoy your experience.


48h - 399zł/per day

3-7 dni 379zł/per day

8-14 dni 339zł/per day

15-30 dni 299zł/per day

Above 30 days price is negotiable


  • Manufacturing year:2018r.
  • Engine size:1 995 cm3
  • Fuel type:Diesel
  • Power:190 KM
  • Gearbox:Automatic
  • Drive:AWD
  • Type:Limousine
  • Doors:5
  • Seats:5
  • Color:White