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Our automotive service array is wide, besides Premium car rental we help
buying specific car models across whole Europe, thanks to our friends and cotacts spread across the whole EU. We are experienced in finding and delivering dream cars to their new owners. 

01. Premium car sales

Premium car sales are rising significantly year to year on Polish market. This gives opportunity to buy well used car with documented history, which is important for your safety and budget. 
Our offer consist of new and well used cars, we handle all the necesarry paperwork and otherprocedures. Plese visit us at our OTOMOTO, site and see our newest deals. 

02. We will prepare your car for sale

From aesthetic detailing through professional photo session to online advertisment tracking.

We will place your car in one of the Tricity premium showrooms wchich we work with in our daily business. You give us basic directions on how would you like to sell your car, we do the rest. 

03. Professional consulting for car buyers

You search for your dream car with no results? You have no time for studying technical specifications and offer details?
No worries, we will guide you through the whole process – choosing proper model, budget planning, checking technical condition and car history, pricing negotiations, finalizing transaction. We guarantee safety and smooth transaction for your dream car. 


04. Wide array of automotive services

Our perfect knowledge about automotive, experience, wide contact net, individual attitude toward customer are our primary assets. We care about the details and we listen to our customers. 
If you have any unusual task, exotic car to aquire, please contact us and tell bout. We will discuss details and handle the whole process for you.