§ 1

Administrator – VAAM Group sp.zo.o , ul. Żołnierzy i Armii Wojska Polskiego 10, lok. B6, 81 – 383 Gdynia, listed in National Enterpreneur Register under KRS: 0000770650, register files stored at Sąd Rejonowy Gdańsk – Północ w Gdańsku – VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, NIP: 586-234-15-81,

2. Website – internet site hosted under domain

3. User – each person that is using the website

4. Personal data – all information about person that can be verified based on physical, phisiological, genetic, mental, economic, culture or societal factors, including IP number, localization data, internet identifiactor, or any other information gathered by cookie-simillar technology.

5. RODO – EU Council and EU Parliament decret (UE) 2016/679 from 27 April 2016 about personal data security and processing
and about free personal data flow and abandoning directive 95/46/WE (old personal data security derictive)


§ 2

1. Privacy and cookie files policy describes the code of conduct with personal data and cookie files used by website..

2. Kontakt with Administrator is also possible via e-mail:


§ 3

1. Administrator is administrator of all users personal data

2. Personal data are processed by administrator based on rules:
1) art. 6 ust. 1 lit. a RODO – for maintaining correspondence between Administrator and User or to validate reservations (exact date and time) made on Website by the User.
2) art. 6 ust. 1 lit. b RODO – for sharing content and other internet services on the Website for the User
3) art. 6 ust. 1 lit. c RODO – for maintainig tasks that are enforced by law and direct rules.
4) art. 6 ust. 1 lit. f RODO – for analyzing User behaviour and preferences, marketing and remarketing issues, for improving Website functionality.
5) art. 6 ust. 1 lit. f RODO – for defence against any claims, demands or investigation towards them (Administrator laws)

3. User Personal Data will be kept by Administrator for period of time that is needed for primary buisness objectives, no longer than correspondence about basic services, calims and other demands that need any form of communication.

4. Administrator is obligged to keep all User data secret.

5. Administrator is obligged to use all proper technology and resource to secure all Data on the most up to date technologiacl level.

6. Administrator cannot share any gathered Personal Data except subjects to the Privacy policy.

7. Personal data are carefully gathered and well kept against any unauthorized person.

8. User can use the below rights:
1) right to access, edit, delete or stop processing his Personal data;
2) right to claim against processing of his Personal data;
3) right to move/transfer his Personal data;
4) right to decline agreement for processing his Personal data if User accepted it earlier;
5) right to sue Administrator in proper supervising institution if Personal data are processed incorrectly or against regulations.

9. Administrator confide Personal Data processing to 101domain GRS Limited,
International House 3, Harbourmaster Place IFSC Dublin 1 (Ireland) for secure data gathering on proper server, which guarantees safety and secrecy of Users database.


§ 4

1. Administrator will use cookie files that will be kept on User device.

2. Cokie files can be recieved end reed by Administrator devices.

3. Administrator stores cookie files on User device, for marketing /remarketing, analysis and behaviour as well as proper Website functionality.

4. Administrator informs, that there is possibility to use Website without saving cookie files, but this will affect Website functionality.

5. Administrator informs, that cookie files can be deleted by User from web browser level as well as using proper functionalities of User’s operating system


§ 5

1. Administrator informs that he may be using tracking tools such as:
2) Facebook Pixel – for managing Facebook ads and other remarketing tools

2) marketing tools delivered by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View,
CA 94043, USA, such as:
a) Google Analytics, which automatically gathers information about User behaviour and his actions on the Website. Google Analytics is posted on the page:
b) Google Adwords – remarketing tools that help promote the Website in search engine. During the session a file with user ID is saved on User computer, which helps to show advertisments that corrspond with User preferences and his Web history.
2. The data gathered by the Administrator cannot be used to identify user with his Personal Data gathered earlier nor the data cannot be used for different use than the ones specified in this Privacy Policy


§ 6

1. While using a Website, there is an inquiry send to the server that hosts the Website

2. Each server inquiry is saved in Server Logs and contains data such as IP adress, exact time and date, as well as User operating system and web browser.

3. Logs are saved on the forementioned server.

4. Data stored in server logs cannot be used to identify User.

5. Logs are saved only for proper Website maintenance and thus cannot be used by any third party unauthorized personel, other than Website and server administrator.