Audi RS 3 | Limousine | S tronic

Limousine | Quattro | Gasoline

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Close your eyes and imagine a car reaching the first 100 km / h in about 4 seconds. A car that can accelerate to 280 km / h and paralyzes everyone around with the sound of the engine. A car that is a hellish creature that elevates the level of satisfaction to indescribable regions. What you see? A sporty car with racial shapes, a seductive silhouette and a huge sex appeal board! Now open your eyes and look. All these features are sealed in the unobtrusive Audi RS3 Limousine body. Visit the Premium Tri-City car rental company.


48h - 999zł/per day

3-7 days 799zł/per day

8-14 days 699zł/per day

15-30 days 599zł/per day

Above 30 days price is negotiable


  • Manufacturing year:2019r.
  • Engine size:2 480 cm3
  • Fuel type:Gasoline
  • Power:400 KM
  • Gearbox:Automatic
  • Drive:AWD
  • Type:Limousine
  • Doors:4
  • Seats:5
  • Color:Blue